About Us

Through our years of internet marketing, we have never run across a project that is the same as another. Websites are built by friends, friends of friends, cousins, kids in school, service companies and others. At this point in time, it is very difficult to find a web designer that completely understands the Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing process. There are over 60 checks we do on a website to make sure that there is nothing preventing ample traffic to arrive.

We have customers who have put up a website and haven’t touched it in years!  The search engines have a huge algorithm to decide who gets to the top of the search page and who doesn’t. Keeping you content fresh is something that is certainly worth doing.

We are website sleuths that look under the hood on a technical level to to give you a better chance of users finding you in search result listings.

This is our passion. We spend many hours a week listening to pod casts on SEO, reading blogs, talking with other SEO experts to compare notes.  At the end of the day, we want to build and/or fix your website the right way. No tricks. No gimmicks. We want to grow with you.

Bob Czubiak
Data Complete Inc.

Data Complete Inc.
6520 Platt Ave Suite 398
West Hills, CA 91307-3218
Telephone: 818-570-9538 | Fax: 866-269-4154

Data Complete Inc. evaluates your website for potential technical and visual issues.
We fix these issues then apply SEO principles. You will receive a report card after
the initial analysis which details the most pressing issues.