04 Nov 2013

How To Find Ideas For Your Dental Blog Post

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How To Find Ideas For Your Dental Blog Post

Trying To Find Idea For a Blog PostWant to get the creative juices flowing in regard to writing articles for your dental website? (blogging). If you need ideas for writing a blog, I came across a great online tool that can jump start the effort.

The key is that we want to write about something that people care about. How do we find that? Well, we can start out by using Google Suggest. When you search for something in Google, a drop down box appears and “suggests” some phrases that might be interesting to you. In your browser, go to Google.com and start typing       my teeth are           Look what happens, you get a box below that suggest some topics.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can automate this and then have the system go through the entire alphabet and give you pages of dental topics? Keep in mind that Google is giving you phrases that are the most popular so if you write an article about any of these topics, it will be something that somebody in you area is probably searching for.

Here is the tool. http://ubersuggest.org/

1. In the search box type in   my teeth
2. Enter the code in the box. (This is so that automated programs can’t use this)
3. Scroll down through the list and look at all the topics!

You can use any starting phrase like    Is Invisalign      or  why does my dentist

Finding Blog Post Ideas Is Complete! Now Let’s Write!

Now you have something to write about so go ahead and give it a shot! Consult people in your office and then give it to the Dr for approval before posting.

Can you do 1 post a week?  2  posts per week? Try to be consistent because after a year, you will have a good amount of fresh content and that is what will bring you credibility on the web which will lead to more patients to your office.

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