12 Sep 2012

Part 1: Online Dental Marketing – Ideas on how to get more dental patients through the door.

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You have tried everything. Coupons, direct mail and other promotions. What is it going to take to get more dental patients through the door? The truth of the matter is that there is no one single marketing idea that will solve your cash flow issues. Rather than focus on one idea, you must focus on many.

Have you taken a look at your website lately?

Have you checked out your competitors websites? Does your website look current, inviting and have a call to action? Websites are like wallpaper on a house.  A few years go by and next thing you know your website looks like a relic. Does it make sense to spend marketing dollars to drive visitors to an antiquated website? It’s kind of like having a garage sale and spending hours putting up signs and putting ads in the newspaper and online and then putting out one suit case and a vase you won at a carnival. People that are arriving at your house will soon leave and this is what happens when users come to a website that is sub-standard.

My dental website needs a redesign

Now that you are on board with what needs to happen next to drive more dental patents through the door, what is the next step. Here is where you need to be careful because newspapers like Craigslist and others are full of web designers that WILL take your money if you are not careful. It seems that most of us want something for nothing and if you have that attitude, you will be taken for a ride. There are many who will build you a website for $200-$300 but what do you think you will get for that kind of money? This is your business and you can’t cut corners here! Websites can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000  and more depending on the requirements. If someone is quoting you a price before you have talked about the requirements…. run! At a minimum, find a local company that does web design. I recommend a CMS (Content Management System)  This will allow you to make your own changes to content without getting nickle and dimed from your website developer.

Dental websites are all about the content

If you want lots of content on your website, a CMS will serve you right. Examples of  website development platforms are WordPress and Joomla. You can find web designers for these platforms everywhere. But the thing is, you want content and you don’t have the time to write. What can you do?  There are medical copywriters out there that can build content for you. Just search the internet. But why do we need lots of content? We’ll, we need to by the authority on dental subject matter and especially on procedures that we perform. When we have good content, we have a better chance on being found in the search engines.  Oh, now I went ahead and did it. I had to go and talk about search engine optimization! (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization – How to get more dental patients through the door

“I’ve been receiving emails and phone calls from people I don’t even know wanting me to sign up for SEO.”

It’s true. Everybody wants to optimize your website. Just like web developers, you have to be careful here to. Don’t sign any contracts. The SEO profession is highly technical and if someone takes your money and doesn’t offer to do anything with your website, I would cease that relationship. The truth is that there are many technical issues that can cause your website to not be found in the search engines. Go to Google.com and type this in, site:mywebsite.com. This will bring up all the pages in your website. If only the home page shows up, you’ve got troubles.  There are many other tests that we run to determine if your website is healthy. After all, we need a great looking, SEO optimized website right to get more dental patients through the door?

Next week, we will talk about some of the checks you can do to see if your website is SEO ready.





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