Website Audit For Dentists

Website Audit For Dentists Check MarkPerforming an audit on your website is something that should be done at least every few months. You are not alone if you have not made any website changes since launching.  Is your contact form still working? Do you have broken links on your pages?

Did you know that one non optimized graphic images on
your home page can be enough to turn people away?

Whenever we perform a website audit for dentists, we find something new to be checked and add it to our checklist. This is because there are so many different websites built with several different programs. Over the years we have amassed quite a list of checkpoints.

Website Viruses

Website viruses can render your site useless. Virus can also exist that are hard to detect. We run a scan on your website and also check to see if certain files haven’t been placed on your server. Website platforms like WordPress uses plug-ins to give you added functionality. Sometimes the programmers of these plugins don’t update their software and this can lead to security holes. Website audit for dentists almost always include a scan for viruses. If you think your website may have a virus, use the following tools to get more information.

Check your site(s) here:

Website Speed

Have you every tried to access a website and it was taking too long to load? Did you stick around and wait or move on to the next website. This can happen to you for various reasons but the biggest is from non-optimized graphic images. Sometimes there is a disconnect between web developers and search engine optimization specialists. Web developers want the website to look nice and pretty. SEO’s want the same thing, but need  various parts of your website to be optimized including graphic files. We analyze all of the graphic images on your website and use special software to squish the image file size without loosing image quality. Here is one test website that will help audit your website speed.

Website Audit For Dentists Tools

We have looked at a few tools so far to audit your website but lets look at some of the primary tools of the trade. Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a program that can crawl your website and show you lots of information. There is a free version and a paid version. The paid version let’s you do more things like ignoring the robots.txt file. Every page on your website should have a carefully crafted page title, description and page headings. This tools can show you this information in one screen. Even the images on your website should have a description, title and more.

There are also online systems you can use by MOZ and BrightLocal that can help you find issues with your website.

Mobile Website

Have you checked your website to see how it looks on mobile phones or tablets? If it’s easy to navigate the menu and find information on your site, the user will find somewhere else to go. Check your mobile site periodically to make sure it is in sync with your main website and that everything is operating properly.

Duplicate Content

When we perform a website audit for a dentist, we check to make sure that duplicate content doesn’t exist. This is especially true for the services pages such as dental implants, teeth whitening and more. We never want to copy content from one website to another. This goes for images too. You can’t just copy an image from somebody’s website and use in on your own website. You can purchase images through services such as BigStockPhoto or Fotolia.

As you can see, there are many items to check when performing a website audit. Problems can exist that can keep you from ranking high in the search engines. Some fixes are simple and some require extra time to fix. Once the website audit is completed, you can focus on other issues such as improvements to your site.

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