Email Marketing

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

Did you know that only one in five emails actually make it to the inbox? Where do yours end up? Deliverability can make or break your email marketing program. Yet, many marketers don’t fully understand it. We’ll show you how to create a program that beats the odds.
Steps for Email Marketing
  • Details - Subject line, header, footer,
    unsubscribe link and more
  • Timing - When is the best time to send an email?
  • Content - Body copy, images, headlines, CTA buttons, personalization and more
  • Lists - Suppression, exclusions, other data
  • Testing - Inbox preview, A/B testing
  • Other - Notify team, sales people, heads up
  • Send - Schedule the campaign
  • After - Analytics to see how the campaign performed

So many people try to send email campaigns themselves but fall victim to many of the pitfalls that can occur.

We test your content so that we don’t send emails with missing data or broken hyperlinks. We have preview and test tools to help make sure images load properly and that all the linked buttons will work. We also send test emails to make sure everything works perfectly!

Track Clicks and Open Rates

In order to maximize your campaign, we use open and click tracking. Tracking lets us know which type of content people respond to so we can make future email campaign recommendations.

Avoid Spam-like Content

We want to send campaigns that will be engaging. If we don’t, people will start un-subscribing to your emails. Spam filters will look for certain things in email content so we want to make the email content as natural looking as possible.

Email Campaign List

If we are sending an email campaign to your list for the first time, we may need to send an email asking if we can send future emails. This is called opting in. We must provide an unsubscribe link to the email so that we don’t bother people in the future as well as remaining compliant with the law.

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