Great Rankings

One of the goals of using social media is to help drive traffic to your website. From there, your website needs to be able to guide people to where they want to go and access some form of call to action.

Finding great keywords and phrases that relate to your business is one of the things we uncover as part of search engine optimization. It is pretty amazing that information is pretty easy to find online. Search engines have so much content that they had to figure out a way to make sense of it all. Complex algorithms have been developed to sift through billions of pages of content. This algorithm is constantly changing. Many search marketers keep tabs on when major updates to search engines occur. Why? Let’s say you have a winery. You might specialize in Pino Noir or Zinfandel. If somebody is looking for a local winery that has these types of wine, you would like the searcher to find you on page 1. Sometimes after major search engine algorithms, you might be blasted off page one onto page 3. Then you scratch your head to figure out why.

No reputable search marketing company can promise to keep you on page one. These algorithms are out of our hands but there are things we can do to minimize our chance of having your search rankings go up and down like a roller coaster.