Social Media Contests

Social media contests can help deliver more than just entries.  A strong social media contest and deliver great value for your business.  Here are a few ideas.

Appeal to Prospective Customers, Not Just Entrants

  • Use creative copy to entice your target audience. For instance, a dental office might use “Are you prepared for your Wedding Day? Enter to win a free premium teeth whitening treatment.
  • Find an event in your industry and tie your promotion to that event.
  • Who doesn’t like a free gift? Target your gift to the demographic you desire
  • Team up with another company that has the same target market and cross-promote

Offer an Incentive for Social Sharing

We all know that the way buzz is created is through sharing but how can we get people to share? We can give contest entrants an increased chance of winning if they share the contest with their followers.

  • Referral Contests – Give every entrant a discount or coupon.
  • Photo or Instagram Contest – Using a photo or Instagram contest, entrants submit a photo manually or via the use of a brand hashtag. For example, Instagram users could enter a Photo Booth contest by tagging their images with #Johns_PhotoBooth_Contest.

Promote Your Contest With Paid Social Ads

  • You need to have a healthy amount of followers to help promote your contest. If you don’t, you have to use paid social media advertising.  You can choose your target audience by various interests and preview how many people might see your add. For very little money, you can reach thousands of people.