Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring is a business analytics process that monitors various channels on the web in order to gain insight about the company, its products, brand, and anything connected to the business. It is about monitoring the brand’s reputation and reception by the general public and the consumer base and targeted demographic.

Brand monitoring deals with constantly investigating media and online resources in order to discover and eventually react to the different sentiments that you and your competitor’s brand are experiencing.

Monitoring your brand’s reputation and reacting to customer concerns should be part of your business process.

You want to monitor the various channels to:

  • locate all the websites on the web that are linking to your website and see the context of those links
  • find which websites where your website link could be most beneficial
  • monitor the online reputation of your brand as well as that of your competitors
  • ability to answer any customer complaints from various online sites
  • gather customer comments from various channels so you can make informed decisions
  • jump on potential negative coverage before it gets out of control

Brand monitoring can also be used for market research to gather information about what is happening in your industry.

An important part of brand monitoring is locating all of the sites that link to you and looking to see what they are saying about you. Information may not be up-to-date so submitting new information will keep other website content current.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see which social followers are talking about you the most? We have numerous social metrics that will give you some key insights into any buzz around your business.